(1) Credit Card / Debit Card ...... (2) PAYPAL
(A) You can get a lower shipping price than shown on the website. Please e-mail me and give me the list of your order and I will tell you the shipping prices in EMS, Air Mail, SAL and Sea Mail. ... OR ... (B) Please order normally and leave a note that you would like to know the shipping prices and I will e-mail you back..... Thank you very much!!
I'm sorry, but I do NOT pay the "Customs Taxes" for you. Customers are responsible to pay their own Customs Taxes charged by their own country. Please contact the Post Office or Customs to learn about the Customs Taxes in your country. Your package is marked on "Merchandise," but NO statement enclosed, only enclosing a "Thank You note." If you prefer a different way, please let me know. Thank you very much for your understanding!!
NO, not all of them are available... I try to organize my items often, but sometimes there are items that are not available.... Because I collect most of the items after payment, it's hard for me to keep track on all the items. It's better to ask me if the item(s) is/are available before purchase. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but I'd appreciate for your understanding and your help!! Thank you very much!!
If I cannot find the item you ordered, I will e-mail you. Normally, I will ask you to choose from.... (1) Would you like to get the refund for this item and the shipping cost (full payment if ordered only 1 item, partial if you ordered more than one).... (2) Would you like to replace it with other item and get refund or pay more for the difference for the replaced item and shipping cost?... (3) Cancel the whole order and get full refund (If you paid using your credit card, there might be a fee deducted from this full payment, but I'm sorry, I will not pay those fees... (4) other ideas.... It's better to ask me if the item(s) is/are available before sending me your payment. Thank you very much for your understanding and your help!!
NO, you cannot cancel your order after payment, because I buy your item(s) from other stores. You can only cancel your order when one of the items is not available in your order. Therefore, please be careful when placing your order. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!!
NO, I'm really very sorry, but I CANNOT change the shipping address, because I had FRAUD problems.... In that case, please place your order AGAIN and send your payment. AFTER receiving your payment, I will cancel your first order and refund your payment. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but please understand this procedure to avoid FRAUD.
Please contact me to know LOWER SHIPPING PRICES!! I will let you know the shipping via EMS, Air Mail, SAL and Sea Mail and you can choose what you prefer ^o^ !..... Combined shipping can be reasonable, but the combined shipping price shown on my website can get very expensive!!! This is because of the system of eCrater. The weight of the shipping box is added to each item, so the shipping price shown on the website includes the shipping box weight. (The shipping price is determined by the total weight.).... For example, if you buy 3 items, 3 shipping boxes weight are added to the total weight, when you need only 1 box for shipment. *** Please e-mail me first if you would like to pay less before sending me your payment !! Thank you!!
YES .... For GBP - http://loveghibli.ecrater.co.uk .... For AUD - http://loveghibli.ecrater.com.au
No, I don't do wholesale, because I buy the products from Ghibli stores in Japan like the other customers. I'm sorry!!
Yes, I ship within Japan :) But you cannot order from the website, because I haven't set the price for the shipping within Japan. Please feel free to e-mail me so we can discuss about the shipping method and payment method :) Thank you!!
It normally takes about 1-2 weeks to ship out your order. I'm very sorry for the waiting, but this is because I have to buy most of the items from other stores. Depending on the items, it can be shipped out much earlier, so please contact me if you were in a hurry before sending your payment. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!!! --- Please understand, I cannot refund your payment after your payment!! I appreciate for your understanding!!
Yes, you will receive 2 e-mails from me. FIRST e-mail is an confirmation e-mail after you sent your payment. SECOND e-mail is to tell your tracking number after shipment. If you did NOT receive my FIRST e-mail, please e-mail me to loveghibli06@yahoo.com / loveghibli@gmail.com. It's very IMPORTANT for you to receive my e-mail for important communication. Thank you!!
NO, I do NOT charge VAT or any TAXES. You might have to pay it to your Customs Office in your country upon delivery. I do NOT pay your VAT or Taxes. Please check your Post Office to know more about VAT or Custom Taxes / Duty Fees in your country. Thank you!
NO, basically items shown "ON HOLD" are not available, but luckily, sometimes it's available. If would like to know the availability, please send me an e-mail to loveghibli06@yahoo.com / loveghibli@gmail.com..... Thank you!
Yes, please e-mail me if you need to gift wrap. There will be gift wrapping fees charged, price depends on the item........ (To previous customers, I'm really sorry, but I do NOT gift wrap for Free anymore, starting from September 2015.)